Forest Products Industry

Our Vision is a work in progress

Building Materials, Products & Logistics -
Steel Roofing & Steel Siding
Plywood, OSB & particle core
construction & cabinet grade materials
graded and rough lumber
timber & timberframe
Engineered Truss
wood siding & architectural components
cabinetry & woodworking materials
raw and pre-finished

Saving money is like making money, why not create jobs, careers and excellent eneterrprise commerce as you envision and build your project?

Trees are renewable, forestry management takes expertise, enterprise and people do not need to be greedy, and we can work to build great things together, and in construction season, that includes just about anything including your project, which can have history, a story to tell and a future to define, with your name on it.

Concerning the management of forests and trees, selective logging, soil re-mineralization (used in more advanced old fashioned farming, bio-dynamic and organic crops) and a few other advanced toxic free pest management technologies are all useful pro-active strategies.

Adding tree nurseries, tree planting, forest surveys and network of professionals, such as loggers, truckers, sawmill operations, kiln drying, material and products production and managemnt, material grading, added value enterprise and products, and the re-use, recycle, regenerate idea, work with land owners for a more ideal co-operative, productive and profitable endeavour. Respect for the land, trees and ecosystem of bio-diversity is essential.

Civilized behaviour that re-invents old fashioned industry and ethics.

solid long term reliable and loyal relationships;

friends and business commerce with common ideals and values;

co-operative association that make things happen;

saves money, adds value and builds for the long term;

We operate as a private buying group;

We operate as a private investment & development group;

Investment & Acquisition

The Made in Canada Revolution

Truss Pro Incorporated