Woodwork - Cabinetry & Furniture - Co-operative Association

This endeavour adds and multiplies value of the Forest Products Industry, and is dedicated to enable, create and amplify new business options, operational advantage, secure supply line development, and the buying group advantage, for enteprise, contractors and entrepreneurs.

Additionally, a greater unified capability to increase enterprise and commercial capacity, material suppy, tools and machinery, marketing and sales infrastucture and distribution logistics.

From the client point of view, savings and high quality made in Canada options are possible within a local, regional and national spectrum of enterprise, often times, individuals, small shops and enterprise, who could benefit from greater publicity, as well as the buying group savings and new business opportunities that may be developed.

This can also work for referrals, in addition to anyone who can make drawings and design that can go into production and create revenue streams, in additon to referral finder revenue streams or other copensation such as products and services.

In this endeavour, custom work, limited and mass production is possible, including supply chain development of components or materials in the building process.

We envision a listing and database of companies, with corresponding products and services, joint project development, product promotion including catalogs and physical locations, a national network of Made in Canada related stores, with various companies and brands, in addition to staff that works as liaison and sales agents for the enterprise or entrepreneur.

With this physical store outlet environment, we also envision financial resources to custom order from suppliers. this can be done with limited markup and consignment options, and as a minimum, assets in trust without excess title transfer and reduced tax, as this operates as a buying group co-operative that also custom orders for members.

This may effectively compete with cheaper imported products that mostly fall apart and don't last, as the higher quality, more durable products, custom design and current trends in addition to old fashioned solid wood and joinery that last generations.

Machinery resources and financing, in addition to machinery supply &/or classifieds is envisioned, and also direct investment in a Made in Canada woodworking machinery portfolio.

Website: https://www.cent-per-cent.ca

Website under construction like a lot of other things…

Invest & Acquire in secure supply line development