Transportation & Logistics

Airboat Project (like the modular barge hovercraft project)
- custom design engineering & build;
- construction project logistics;
- national & civil defence logistics;
- co-development, private investment options;
- strategic, operational, tactical deployment;
- contract and remote community logistics

- search and rescue, 4 season, fireboat with turbo pumps;
- all weather, rugged & easy to maintain
- everyday travel, remote locations, lake only and shallow water access
- adventure, ecological projects, tourism, eco-torism, marine & fishing;

- prototype exists now with a Continental Aircraft Engine
- super-prototype for limited and custom production;

- revenue streams, conversion options, logistics dividends;
- private and commercial logistics & contract options;
- short, intermediate & long term investment options;
- combine investment options with existing and future contracts & projects;
- future fleet expansion plans investment options;

Awesome Investment Options are available;
financial & non-financial investment &/or contributions enabled;
- convertible bonds.

Please request info package, photos and details.