Portable Well Drilling Co-operative Association

Laurentian Fortress Builders Group Inc. is developing a national and local networks of Portable Well Drilling Services, machinery, pipe and equipment production and logistics for members and related association.

This endeavour is excellent for remote areas, mountain areas, zero road access, boat access, aircraft access, rail & 4 wheeler access, horse access, cottage properties, or C-can conversion getaways & RVs, trailers and off grid communities, can benefit from the Laurentian Fortress Portable Well Drilling Services.

Cottage properties can have abundant year round drinking water, without having to haul bottled drinking water in and out or even using a distiller and energy use to make it happen. This is important as energy and fuel supply infrastructure may be limited or non-existent, in addition to having more people to provide for in various situations that may exist now or in the future.

With the luxury of a washing machine, hot tub, and everyday washing facilities and running water for the kitchen sink, canning, beer making, the pressure washer to clean the deck and boat, or and even dishwasher, the ability to do more of what you like and need is vastly improved,

The quality of life can be improved anywhere at a much lower cost and in place that would otherwise be impossible, impractical or not very likely. This opens up remote hunt camps also and any bug out getaway zone or people that need extra water capacity in addition to what they already have, possible with a dug well.

Confidentiality and non-disclosure secrecy agreements for clients and location is standard and available.

Additionally for construction projects requiring onsite water for people, landscaping, portable onsite cement mixing, gardens, cisterns for fires or gardens and farm, restroom facilities, cooking facilities, portable job office facilities.

Certainly a low impact stealth Laurentian fortress Portable Well Drilling Service has advantages and cost savings that make all the difference in making it happen.

Emergency or special events, campsites, rural water stations, even town areas with our discrete stealth well drilling platform, and the option to not be forced to use toxic town water for drinking, and saving on expensive water filtration equipment are a few more advantages available.

Extra drilled wells may also be useful for geo-thermal systems for low signature requirements, such as cabins, cottage, getaway, bunkers, backup or auxiliary for houses.

Pumps may be powered by low tech, water pump wind and water turbines or impellers or fan assemblies with mechanical shaft and bearings, sprocket and chain assemblies or otherwise, in addition to any form of electric or mechanical power, even a stationary bicycle modified for that.

Option 1) $1,000.00 membership share, (a one time cost) (offers promoter revenue streams & member discount);

Option 2) $5,000.00 approximate cost, for the Laurentian Fortress Portable Well Drilling Service, deposit is $5,000.00 and balance with water guarantee when complete. Reserve your spot in the calendar schedule.

Notes from the management team :
Well drilling costs $15 to $25 per foot for the drilling process only. Installing a complete well water system costs $25 to $65 per foot, irrigation wells run $50 to $100 per foot, and geo-thermal wells are $15 to $40 per foot. Prices typically include drilling, pump, casing and complete installation, which makes it easier for turn-the-tap turn key idea.

Extra costs for remote, difficult topography logistics or otherwise may effect final cost. Please send address and/or geo-co-ordinates (lattitude and longitude) and an exact proposal can be made for you.

Get involved in building a national and local network capability and be part of the solution.

Also, with membership Option 1 or 2, a 10% financial bonus is generated from promoter/referrals. So, even if you don't need or get portable well drilling service, promoting or finding others who do can generate revenues towards your future well, or cash out, or re-direct funds, with the additional option of private investment in Made in Canada Portable Well Drilling Services and Machinery.

An additionaly bonus option, revenue can be directed to any of the related products, services and companies related with the Laurentian Fortress Builders Group Inc., another way to acquire, build, develop, invest and deploy in the Made in Canada revolution.

Private investor options are in covertible bonds, with conversion to shares &/or products & services, available to Options 1 & 2 and independently, and within a private investment group, and also may have pass thru securities compensation in an account, as zero investment or a financial contribution with specified compensation, conditions, provisions to keep it simple with the prospectus and paperwork, in addition to conditional sales contracts and any future buying group co-operative association.

Laurentian Fortress E-Transfer instructions with corresponding email order; portable-well-drilling (at) laurentian-fortress.ca

Cash, cheque, bank draft also acceptable.