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Financial transactions with E-Transfer

Laurentian Fortress Builders Group Inc. is dedicated to clients, private members, enterprise and industry, for generating a greater quality of life, prosperity, opportunity, trades competence and business success.

This includes various endeavours, business units, enterprise and opporunities, including useful relevant options available to individuals and groups.

To achieve this we utilize
1. private membership options;
2. private investment with a wide array of capital structure options;
3. the Builders Account, which offers a magnitude of awesome advantage and options without parallel or equal,
4. financial and non-financial investment or contribution;
5. individual, enterprise and industry opportunities;

We offer you two ways to donate to us or join :

  1. Interac e-Transfer -
  2. Cash, cheque, prepaid credit cards or money order (received and/or mailed with receipt)


1.) The Interac e-Transfer is made with the typical online financial institution that you may already utilize or can utilize simply and easily with record of transactions automated. Navigate to "Transfers" and "Send Interact e-Transfer" or to that effect as may be configured with your corresponding financial institution.

Add the following account: "Laurentian Fortress Builders Group Inc." and email address:


Bio-diesel Club Co-operative Association
E-transfer : bio-diesel@laurentian-fortress.ca

Portable Well Drilling Co-operative Association:
E-transfer : portable-well-drilling@laurentian-fortress.ca

Ignore "Mobile Phone Number."

Type in the amount you are sending.

Select or Specify "Send Transfer by email."

Add a message, comments or special order
for reference :

The Autodeposit feature is activated on by Laurentian Fortress Builders Group Inc. Complete the transfer by clicking "Send Transfer".

A following page will have a box to be verified that the receiver/recipient has registered for Autodeposit and that the answer verifcation to a security question is not required.

Your receipt will provide an individual name as the receiver/recipient as well as Laurentian Fortress Builders Group Inc. This is excellent.

A reference for: Options 1, 2 or 3 and related e-mail order.

2.) Contributions can be in direct in person where possible, or simply mail with regular post or registered mail.