About Us

This enterprise endeavour has been established by Michael Comeau, who enjoys being active in construction, and like many contractors, has been involved in several aspects of the construction industry, mainly foundations, structural work, framing and finishing in cottage and home renovations, additions and special projects.

Michael has dedicated time towards a greater vision, capability and opportunity for those who are involved in, require or benefit from a more ambitious and productive construction industry, generating greater optimism and relevant options for enterprise, trades and individuals.

Our environment includes, an industrious work ethic, taking pride in our work, invest in tools, machinery, technology, resource management, personnel development, invest in our clients and customers, our supply chain and the future we are building, individually and together. This is, invest, work, do awesome business and build awesome products, projects and relationships for the long tern.

Promoting the individual entrepreneur in the construction industry, the enterprise, trades people and everyday working people is essential for the freedom to build and express the best of who you are, improve the quality of life, productivity and prosperity of private members.

Our Values are essential in work and life:

Family, Traditions, New Wealth Generation -
Health, Independence, Productivity & Prosperity -
Construction Security & National Security -
True Values & Real Useful Education -
Skill & Competence to build with productivity & profitability -
Investing in Customer Satisfaction for greater reward -
Design and Build something Awesome - the future is awesome -
Generate, add and multiply value for clients and their building projects -
Working Investors, Active Investors, Private Investors -

People are valuable, competence, capacity and enthusiasm for work is essential. People that like what they do, who like to express the best of who they are, and looking out for clients, with all kinds of quality, many times in things they may never see and know about.

High quality is like an investment, it is even like ideal insurance, and looking out for long term quality customer satisfaction and relationships is essential, that is Our Values. Build for the long term.

Finding and deploying good people is essential. The challenges in the construction industry is massive, although the reward is also awesome. The ability to have vision, integrate relevant solutions and to go beyond those problems that are temporary and invent something new and awesome is essential. Awareness, perspective, values and priorities are all essential in building projects and having the right kind of people, people that care, take pride in their work and build for the long term.

This website and company has integrated business options for enterprise, clients, trades and people that want to work and build great things together.

The ideal to have a successful construction economy enables more work and career opporunities, solid quality good paying family rated jobs. This company works in co-operations with various enterprise in the development of staffing services for multiple trades, project management and co-operative skills development and work programs that include full and part time or even sub contract opportunities. Working share ownership are some of the options possible which works to the advantage of the individual and enterprise.