Personnel & Career Options

For Personnel, we have some of the same requirements and vision that is going beyond the Liaison Challenge and looking to build a great team of qualified, competent and reliable personnel.

The following characteristics are essential in prospective candidates:

Private Membership Co-operative Association

dedicated to private and public service;
Respect for property owners & private property;
professional ethics, integrity and good will are essential;
Actual Building Industry Experience, includes reno work ;
a porfolio of projects and some competence is desired;

prompt communication and civilized interpersonal skills;
Project Management & Timeline sense of urgency
the ability to be comprehensive and thorought as to what is required for permit approval is essential.

must have mutual goals of a successful construction and trades industry, taking pride in your work, interested to learn, grow, excel and make a difference, being open to character, skill and leadership development, working well with others or independently, looking for opportunities that challenge and reward energy, effort and enthusiasm.

Type of projects:
Also national security clearance for defence technology infrastructure projects, aerospace, and an interest in industrial park development, tourism infrastructure, recreation, cottage and new commercial and revitalized projects and business improvement reno/facade and facilities upgrade are all useful assets.

Vision going forward:
People who would like to redevelop and rebuild the national dream, and also your community and surrounding area and transform the quality of life with a make it happen atmosphere that is bold, visionary, optimistic and full of promise and employment opportunity.

Special industries, interest and experience:
The National Dream Projects, include new and restored railway infrastructure, aeroport development, aerospace industries and hangars, automotive industries infrastructure and enterprise, machinery for diversified industries and infrastructure, marine ports, cargo handling logistics, marine technology enterprise infrastructure, mining and material processing industries.

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This idea makes payroll and taxes and accounting a lot more streamlined.

Additionally, this vision also applies for individual or enterprise as Personnel, for those seeking employment, career, prime and sub contract opportunities, working share owner opportunities, private investment opportunities, trade and skills development, co-operative work placement, educations and job or career placement.

Working share owners is also offered and presents considerable advantage for tax, financial and career development. This can work to the advantage of the individual, as well as an enterprise, who may be a member of the Laurentian Fortress Builders Group Inc. and may require the excellent option of a Staffing Agency Personnel, where payroll and administrative work is outsourced and may be utilized for temporary or full time personnel acquisition and deployment of resources.

Enterprise may benefit from extra help without the need to offer full time employment positions and the corresponding payroll, administrative, legal or other considerations, and may simply request for extra help for general or specific skills, competence, availability.

For Staffing Agency Personnel, full time employment with a single source payroll may be more possible within a community or several enterprise who may need part time personnel, extra help or periodic help or have the chance to try other work, enterprise or industries and gain valuable experience, build relationships, make money on a more favourable and full time basis and work towards a strategy for greater career, personal and professional development.

Also, retired persons or others who would like supplemental income, work and social environment of interest, or can add value to an organization in leadership, training, mentoring, or simply doing a job, work or sub contract are all valuable options worth considering.

We ofter hear "nobody wants to work". Our goal is to have good paying solid quality family rated jobs that challenge and reward people and provide room for personal and professional development and the environment for personal and business relationship may thrive with success, productivity, prosperity, adventure and excitement of a brand new day.

We can work to build great things together!

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