Legal Challenges Association

Dispensation :

Everyday citizens are under attack, private property, gun rights, health sovereignty and on a bigger scale nation state sovereignty.

If you have read the book, "the war against the family" you may have an idea of what is going on. Now there is a war against the individual, the land owner, in fact anyone with private property, a war against your freedom and your quality of life…

Land owners, cottagers, home owners, builders, developers, industry and enterprise, face a vastly increased amount of regulation and bureaucracy, permit demans and costs, huge delays, frustration, aggravations, vexxing communications and other super imposed arbitrary demands by alien and un Canadian like agendas and actors, going way beyond with is acceptable, reasonable, understandable, ethical and civilized.

Private Membership Co-operative Association dedicated against:

dedicated to resolving arbitrary, unjust, irreconcilable, dictates, demands, cruel and unusual treatment, fines, excess permits and permit fees and corresponding bureaucracy;

secret, ulterior and evident super imposed agenda and actions;
including Agenda 2030, socialist international, councils, forums, including WHO, UN, WEF, anti nation state sovereignty, anti individual sovereignty, anti private property rights;

expropriation by taxation, taxation without representation, taxation exceeding recognized authority or jurisdiction, including the treatment of citizens and landowners as if there is no such thing as private property rights, notwithstanding the criminal and traitorous, collusion, actions and evidenced conspiracy to defraud and have private property removed from the so called constitution and related "law";

corrupt public officials, town council and building department, any and all ministries, departments or otherwise, compromised public servants not dedicated to public service, including (not real Canadian Values or True Values) actions aligning with agendas, protocols, foreign criminal agencies, any and all organizations, entities, groups, societies or otherwise, including not real Canadians, super imposed decisions, un-elected personnel in overcontrol positions of authority or influence, and fraudulent elections,

loss of use or loss of the enjoyment of property, the right to govern and care for one's property or asset, including repairs, renovation, new construction, property maintenance, tree cutting, lawn moving, tree pruning, estate management, landscaping, endless Environment Impact Studies, other related bureaucratic stall and denial of permits, changing permit or other ridiculous demands, liens on properties, assignment of liability/responsibility;

Non-Respect or acknowledgement for property owners & private property;
woke & broke, communisms, multi cult cultural Marxism etc et al;
anti-white, race traitors, evil white man, liberalism, globalism;
un-authorized regional government overcontrol with bi-laws and regulations that are totally unreasonable;
anti C-can regulations;

Anti Magna Carta;
Anti-common law courts;
Anti real Canadian History, anti founding people of Canada;
Anti Land owner group rights;
(many people believe that governments attack individuals while defending non white and anti white groups, is anti family and anti free enterprise and anti private property while allied of with allegiance to anything but real Canadians or True Values);

super imposed Commercial Court Law & foreign overcontrol;
Allegiance with a foreign criminal agency;
government & arbitrary decrees by paedophiles and proxy paedophiles & related sexually immoral and character bankrupt persons, agencies, entities, associations or otherwise;
no-recourse decisions;
Anti Freedom of Speech, Anti Freedom of Assembly & Association;
Anti-Truth, typically labelled as Hate Speech, with corresponding illegal Hate Speech Laws by the usual suspects and then some;
enemies foreign and domestic, enemy combattants, wars of aggression and acts of aggression, real national security threats;
government sponsored terrorism, which is the use of force or the threat of the use of force including fines, penalties or otherwise, financial, physical, psycological, mental, emotional or any other war vector scenarios,
government personnel engaged in treason, high treason, terrorism, bio-terrorism, defrauding of rights including inalienable rights;
systematic racism against real families, straight white males, traditional family, family traditions, family wealth, intergenerational wealth, assets, asset transfer, title transfer,and financial resources, including but not limited to estate tax, inheritance tax, unreasonable property tax, jurisdictional and related regulatory legislative or court warfare;

Contractors are out of work because of the endless bureaucracy involved in building permits….

Property Owners are confronted with arbitary demands, vexxing communications, endless delays and costs…
and the most unbelievable crackhead stories they must deal with…in addition to the covert war, secret agendas and actions against the individual, family and property rights, even nation state sovereignty itself.

What's up with that, Eh?

Many hands make light work…get enlightened and let us lighten your paperwork burder and fight in the war against you!

Building Departments that have had orders from corrupt higher powers orchestrating industry economic shutdown included, will be exposed, for their allegiance to and co-operation with enemies foreign and domestic, being enemy combattants, acting as terrorists, which is the use of force or the threat of the use of force, in clear violation of governing laws, in addition to treason to Canada and Canadians, with their co-operation with and allegiance to a foreign criminal agency, communist, leftist, woke & broke, illegal supranational entities and agreements etc et al, related UN Agendas, WEF, illegal international agreements, including illegal water or environment agreements, the related and real super imposed acts of war, wars of agression, anti white, race traitors, anti-free enterprise, anti-private property, anti-development, in addition to co-operation with super imposed Environment Impact Studies, the fraudulent Climate Warming Scam (and corresponding non-acknowledgement of geo-engineering and weather weapons) and illegal transfer of jurisdiction and related authority, nation state sovereignty, and the war against the individual, the war against the family, and war against private property, the war against family and intergenerational wealth, the illegal and unethical demands, the related cruel and unusual treatment of property owners, the demands to place illegal liens on properties and unreasonable concessions, bribes and extortion, coercement and duress along with the incredible degree of frustration and contrary actions and hostile attitudes and extremely complicated and un-co-operative manners with those who want to build.

It is possible the plan of salvation is a lot different than many people think or believe, and the time now for all good citizens to come to the aid of their country is now. Economic Nationalism and Canada first, not the WEF, UN, WHO or other unelected supranational and total un-Canadian and anti white, anti nation state entities, agendas and protocols that want to shut it all done, in the war against, we the people.

It is possible that we pray about it. It is God who gives us the victory, as to tackle things on the normal human dimensional level and perspective, would leave out the incredible awesomeness that only a Higher Power can deliver. Looking at the big picture is one point of view, knowing that there is something that has a much greater magnitude of possibilities and future that we can imagine now.

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