Reality, Relevant Options & Freedom of Choice

In consideration of national, regional and local economics, and the construction industry, our mission is to create new wealth, productivity, prosperity, abundance and an awesome quality of life, all with Made in Canada.

We are confronted with the reality, which is the operating environment we are in. Having relevant options and powerful freedom of choice, enables us to go forward with confidence and courage, vision, purpose and focus, with a very pro-active, or action and achievement driving force. We can make real measurable progress with what is important to us, what we value, need and want.

"Mikey's Believe it or not" : the Authorized Agent for all things awesome…

Portfolio & Values

A portfolio aligned with your values, priorities, direction or even related to present and future needs, visions, plans and emergencies that may exist, are all possible and have the potential to revitalize your outlook in life and everyday quality of life, opportunities and capabilities.

Maybe you may really appreciate a more Made in Canada solution that will save you money, make money, create jobs, careers and new enterprise, products, technology and secure supply line for trades and professionals.

You may also like the the ability to convert investment into acquisition of materials for a future projects, or even acquire great deals through the contractor and trades professionals for the kind of expertise your require.

Relevant Options & Freedom of Choice
Big franchise stores are not too responsive to the "Is there anything here Made in Canada?" so there is simply not enough freedom of choice to direct resources and decisions that include the Made in Canada supply chain, which includes national, regional and local economies.

The supply chain has been decimated due to industrial and currency warfare, treason by goverment, trade deals, poor business management and insufficient common vision, ideals, values, direction and co-operative endeavour.

This must change…

Innovate or die, Re-invent or die, Do or Die, Invest or Die, Build or Die

Equipment annd Machinery Financing : serial and convertible bonds with options;

Infrastructure for supply chain development :
real estate acquisition and production logistics :

private buying and Investment group in what you need :
dimensional graded lumber, plywood, trusses;
co-operative association contractor, builders and home owners;

Complaining about jacked up prices and hyper inflation?

Do something about it, invest, build, buy, develop, deploy, acquire…Made in Canada.

Contractors turning down work from supply chain logistics, delays, pricing, deficiencies and simply can't get it here and now, need to think and plan, be pro-active on a strategic, operational, tactical and smart business level….

wholesale, not retail, rebuild the local, regional and national economy….

and while you are at it, promote character, competence, high quality and reliability…

promise what you can deliver, deliver what you promise…this takes work, dedication, some risk taking, to go forward, build the future, without fear, build with confidence, build with trust, build a new tomorrow…

Not everyone is a visionary, but someone has to do it, integrity, boldness, audacity in a pro-active nation building endeavour…

Going forward as individuals or enterprise, working together it is possible to invest in project development, site development, supply chain development with products and logistics and co-operative buying grup associations to save, increase capability, profitability, build enterprise, improve personnel training, competence and better management skills for more successful project completion.

The idea of "many hands make light work" with co-operative endeavours, risk, capital, resource and project management skills, in addition to individual competence that adds value to the endeavours, all can create new combinations of enterprise and wealth, new opportunities for excellence, achievement, prosperity, challange and reward for everyone.

Working with the most advanced private investment infrastructure in Canada.
Imagine, secure asset protection, electronic and hard currency, conditional sales and acquisition contracts, investment and acquisition, dividends in materials and labour with members, sell or trade your inventory, or keep it for the future.

New Wealth Production versus Wealth Management:
With the idea of saving money is like making money, and actually being engaged in new wealth production, which is vastly superior to and extremely more productive than the traditional "wealth management" that offers next to nothing in your ability to "own, vote, control and protect your assets", the typical "Wealth management" firms become obsolete and irrelevant and certainly not equipped or engineered to meet the needs of the extremely fast and demanding environment of construction and nation building, or revitalizing industry and enterprise.

On a local level where money is directed to Wealth Management Firms, decisions concerning money allocation or deployment, is typically not directed in the local economy, and often capital flight to the big city managers which are far removed from reality of what is going on in Canada.

Find out more, this is the land of opporunity…